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Automated cell culture for high quality cells and assay-ready plates, suitable for smaller, medium throughput laboratories
CompacT SelecT™ is the leading automated cell culture system, used in labs across commercial and academic life science.
The system grows cells from multiple cell lines in T-flasks for cell line maintenance and expansion, and generates assay-ready plates on demand for cell-based screening and assay development. It also has options to enable the culturing of complex cell lines for oncology programmes, stem cell research and toxicity studies.
Over 50 systems are in use in laboratories across the world - including many for automated stem cell culture and related research applications.
CompacT SelecT Poster
Maintaining multiple cell lines in a busy cell culture facility can lead to long working hours, variability in the quality of cells produced, a lack of consistency in experimental performance, and an increased risk of contamination events.
This poster discusses the implementation of cell culture automation and evaluates the impact on quality and productivity of cell culture operations.
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CompacT SelecT delivers improved cell culture quality, consistence and throughput. It provides 24/7 availability and removes the limitations associated with manual cell culture.
  • Greater consistency in cell growth and cell quality
  • Optimal processing with cell line specific protocols
  • Improves culture of delicate or complex cell lines
  • Increases lab throughput with 24/7 availability
  • Removes process contamination linked to manual handling
  • Allows staff to focus on more valuable activities
CompacT SelecT mimics manual cell culture processes, maintaining and expanding multiple cell lines in a range of T-flask formats. It also generates assay-ready plates on demand.
  • Maintain stock cultures in T-flasks
  • Expand cell numbers by seeding flasks
  • Plate cells for cell-based assays
  • Harvest cells for offline processing
  • Pool cells from harvested flasks
  • Cell count and cell viability
  • Dilute cells for sub-culture and plating
  • Perform transfections of cells
CompacT SelecT combines a high-capacity flask incubator, aseptic processing environment and a choice of plating modules to adapt the system for your cell culture requirements.
  • Automated flask incubator maintains up to 90 working flasks and 40 new flasks - (T-75, T-175, Triple Flask and HYPERFlasks)
  • Staubli 6-axis robotic arm for precise aseptic handling of T-flasks and pipettes
  • Low volume reagent dispensing for potent or expensive reagents
    (100 μL to 1 mL)
  • SelPlan software for system operation and workflow optimization
  • Full audit trail via bar coded tracking of flasks and plates
  • Choice of plating modules maintain standard plates and/or well insert plates - (6, 24, 96 and 384-well standard plates and 24 and 96-well insert plates)
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