CompacT SelecT - Applications & biblography
Supporting a broad range of research activities in commercial and academic labs
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Assay Development, Screening & Lead Optimisation

The system provides high quality cellular reagents in assay-ready plates for drug discovery screening workflows. Covering immortalised, primary and stem cells, most adherent mammalian cell lines have been grown in the system with minimal change from the standard manual flask-based protocols.

Cell Line Development

The system has been used to generate panels of genetically modified cell lines to build cellular models of disease and support target identification/ validation activities. Traditional transfection reagents have been successfully used, as have more recent CRISPR, shRNA and siRNA technologies.
Cell Banking
CompacT SelecT’s ability to process multi-layer flasks enables research groups to dramatically increase cell growth area and allows rapid scale up and output of bulk cell suspensions for cryopreservation and creation of cell banks, or the support of frozen-cell screening strategies.
In-vitro Permeability & Transporter Studies
A range of plate types, including insert-well format, can be processed. Cells can be dispensed into either the apical or basel wells and also perform media changes on those plates, while cells form the monolayers required for in-vitro permability and transporter studies.
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